club moss

club moss
primitive evergreen moss-like plant with spores in club-shaped strobiles
Syn: ↑club-moss, ↑lycopod
Hypernyms: ↑fern ally
Member Holonyms: ↑Lycopsida, ↑class Lycopsida, ↑Lycopodiate, ↑class Lycopodiate
Part Meronyms: ↑cone, ↑strobilus, ↑strobile

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Etymology: translation of New Latin muscus clavatus
: a plant of the order Lycopodiales especially of the genus Lycopodium or the closely related Selaginella in some species of which the sporangia are borne in club-shaped strobili

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any plant of the genus Lycopodium.

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club moss noun
Any primitive plant of the family Lycopodiaceae, allied to the ferns, typically having small overlapping leaves and creeping stems
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Main Entry:club
club moss see under ↑club and ↑lycopod
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Main Entry:moss

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club moss,
1. any one of a group of flowerless plants, related to the ferns and not true mosses, that are either erect or creeping, usually mosslike, and bear club-shaped cones which contain reproductive spores; ground pine; lycopod; lycopodium. Club mosses are often used in Christmas decorations.
2. a huge fossil tree that 300 million years ago grew along with tree ferns in steaming hot swamps and was turned into coal or became petrified.

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(also clubmoss) n. a low-growing green plant that resembles a large moss, having branching stems with undivided leaves. Relatives of the club mosses were the first plants to colonize the land during the Silurian period. Class Lycopodiopsida, phylum Lycopodiophyta: one living family, Lycopodiaceae

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